A sneak peek at some new offerings

Hey, Gardening Friends!

I hope this finds you well and planning your gardens and combo pots! It’s an exciting time of year with spring fever striking every few days as the temps fluctuate. A great time to plan!!

We have a few new offerings this year and one that I am very happy to share with you is something we have never grown. It is a yellow peony!  

This year we will have some perennials from root stock that include several varieties of dicentra, aka bleeding heart,  4 varieties of clematis, 5 varieties of peony, 5 varieties of pixie pot lilies AND some WV wildflowers!  If all goes well we will have 3 varieties of trillium and also Jack in the pulpit.  These are propagated in a professional setting and are not harvested from the wild. 

We are preparing to sow and grow our enormous vegetable crop! Watch for a listing of the available varieties of peppers and tomatoes in the near future.

Stay safe, be kind.

Mom and Pop

We are open! Hours will be the 9 to 6 Monday through Saturday and 12 to 5 Sunday