A time to sow

What? Now?

Just a little over 30 days until the shortest day length of 2023 and we are sowing next year’s crop.  You must be asking yourself WHY we would be sowing seeds in the late fall. It’s simple. With over 150 varieties of perennials scheduled for 2024 and just 2 people producing the entire crop you have to plan ahead.  Soil must be sterilized, seedling flats washed, filled and properly moistened before the festivities! And then the  choices begin!! What to sow next?

I thought you might enjoy “working your way” through our season with us. I’m going to try to blog daily, or at least a few times a week, so you can see the preparation and planning that goes into “the crop”.  I’ll try to stick with the production side and stay out of “what’s for dinner” and “gosh? where did all this laundry come from??” even though that is part of the big story….no one really wants to hear that noise!

So! Here we go…let’s go to work!

Today I am sowing aquilegia, primula and ranunculus. These are perennials that we have produced from seed for over 30 years. I’ll sow them and cover them with clear plastic lids to retain their little microclimate until they sow signs of “toes”. Each has their own special requirements for humidity and temperature and I will check them daily, visually, for correct temperature and for scent, to ascertain their progress and health.  This sowing was 11 flats and contained the following varieties. 


   Biedermeier mix

   Cameo series mix

    Dragonfly mix

   Origami series, blue/white, red/white and yellow

    Winky single mix

     Red hobbit

     vulgaris plena (new for us this year)


  auricula Special mix

  beesiana (new to us)

  polyantha Gigantea 

  Potsdam strain

  Salvana (new to us)

  Supernova mix

  veris cow slip


   Bloomingdale mix

   Mache mix

Those were planned! As always, plans changed as I work through the seedling trays we have prepared.  When I finished the sowing I had room for another selection so I chose one that takes a LONG time to reach a transplantable size….


   Rhapsody (new to us)

   Finest hybrids.

That’s all for today.  Don’t let these short days pull you down. We miss the sunshine but it will be back before we know it.

Stay positive, stay kind.

Mom and Pop

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