The onion plants are here!

Our onion plants are ready for your garden rows.  Bundles of onion plants contain from 50 to 75 plants per bundle and should be planted right away. This year’s offerings include several heirloom varieties and many varieties suitable for storage.  Here are the varieties! Candy Red  Candy Ringmaster Redwing Ailsa  Craig Red Zepplin Sterling Patterson […]

2024 Tomato & Pepper List

Greetings fellow gardeners, Here at the greenhouse we are preparing to open for our 2024 season.   No small task as we grow virtually everything from seed.  Here, for your perusal, are the 2024 pepper and tomato lists. We are growing our vegetables in 6packs and single pots. Pricing is similar to last year.  Peppers AnchoBanana […]

A sneak peek at some new offerings

Hey, Gardening Friends! I hope this finds you well and planning your gardens and combo pots! It’s an exciting time of year with spring fever striking every few days as the temps fluctuate. A great time to plan!! We have a few new offerings this year and one that I am very happy to share with […]

Here comes the sun

Greetings fellow gardeners! It’s so nice to see the sun gently creeping north after the passing of the winter solstice. As our days begin to lengthen so do OUR days. More seeds to sow, more babies  to plant and the endless moving of newly planted to other greenhouses from “the nursery”.   I had hoped to […]

Tiny Radicals & Thanksgiving

Greetings Gardening Friends, Another week has passed in beautiful southern West Virginia. I planned to blog more often but life seems to get in the way of plans. 😉 None the less I was able to get a fair amount of sowing accomplished. It’s exciting to find signs of sprouting in the first round of […]

A time to sow

What? Now? Just a little over 30 days until the shortest day length of 2023 and we are sowing next year’s crop.  You must be asking yourself WHY we would be sowing seeds in the late fall. It’s simple. With over 150 varieties of perennials scheduled for 2024 and just 2 people producing the entire […]

Spring baskets ready for Easter

Hello garden friends! Opening day is almost here and we are looking forward to seeing you again. Mother nature throws us a few days of summer then turns back the calander to March, or so it seems. None the less, we continue on schedule and will open April 15 as planned. So what do we […]

Over 140 varieties of perennials

Hello Gardening Friends, It is a very cold morning here but inside this greenhouse these perennials think it is a mild winter, just what they need for proper vernalization.  They will be ready for your gardens by mid April.  We have produced over 140 varieties of perennials and now we are beginning annuals!   I will […]

Preparing for Spring 2022

Greetings plant lovers, It’s hard to believe we are back to planting at the greenhouse but we are, indeed, sowing seeds and preparing for spring 2022.  Some of our favorites are already in the works!  These particular plants require a cold resting period, known as vernalization, in order to bloom next year.  they start off, […]

Have you ever grown gomphrena?

Have you ever grown gomphrena? If you have a sunny yard and a deer problem—— or a busy life—— you should give it a try! These little cuties grow 8″ tall and 6″ wide in full sun. they are drought-hardy and very deer-resistant! They will brighten your sunny garden borders or perk up a window […]

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