Here comes the sun

Greetings fellow gardeners!

It’s so nice to see the sun gently creeping north after the passing of the winter solstice. As our days begin to lengthen so do OUR days. More seeds to sow, more babies  to plant and the endless moving of newly planted to other greenhouses from “the nursery”.  

I had hoped to keep a running list of the plants we have sown but that is not to be. Seems like the planets simply will NOT align for that activity so I’ll just work with what I have and give you folks a little update on planting. 

Just finished transplanting the snapdragon crop. I LOVE snapdragons!  My snapdragons in our yard from last summer are still little green mounds of dormant life waiting for warmer weather.  Snaps come in  many sizes and colors and they are so SO easy to grow as they thrive in full sun to part shade….almost never need watering once established….and really prefer less food than most plants.  As reward for properly neglecting them they will bloom REPEATEDLY from late spring to frost and frequently winter over. When they do, they are as wide as they are tall and give early food to our pollinating friends. Though not impervious to deer they do seem somewhat resistant.  After the flowers fade they produce little elongated seed pods and reseed freely. As an added bonus to young gardeners the ripened seed pod looks much like a dragon’s face!!  Remind me later and I’ll tell you how to make them talk.  :).

Also, just finished the violas and pansies! Their sweet little flower faces greet us through snow and frost and some of the newer varieties, such as CoolWave pansy or Endurio violas make nice spring hanging baskets. I like to add a few long blooming trailers or even a surprise perennial to the spring basket. Bacopa and bellis or myosotis are good choices. 

Even though I am still sowing and transplanting perennials the annuals are beginning to demand their due. Tuberous begonias, gloxinia and calceolaria are long season crops and I have finished transplanting all of these.  Now it’s on to Rick’s care until late April when it will go home with some of you! 

Looks as if winter is getting serious this week so please stay safe and remember your furry friend need to be warm and sheltered too!

Be kind, stay safe.

Mom and Pop

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