We currently have over 100 varieties of perennials on display.  These perennials have been hardened off and are looking for gardens to welcome them.  You will be amazed how quickly they fill in your perennials beds.  Here is a partial list:

Achillea,  yarrow:  Summer Berries, Low grow yellow
Aguilegia, columbine: Winky mix, Origami blue and white, red and white, rose and white, Grandmother’s garden
Artemesia frigida 
Alyssum wulfenianum 
Alcea, Holly hocks: Queen mix, Country garden mix, Carnival mix, Chater’s mix
Brunner, bugloss: Candy garden seaheart
Buddliea, butterfly bush: Mixed, Black knight
Bellis, English daisy: Tasso mix, Bellisima mix
Calamentha, cat mint: Blue cloud
Centranthus, Jupiter’s beard: Rosy red
Coreopsis, tick seed: Sunkiss, Golden globe compact, Double the sun
Delphinium: Delfix blue, Delfina, dark blue white bee
Digitalis, foxglove: ambigua, Pam’s choice, Dwarf red, Sugar plum
Delasperma, ice plant: Table mountain, Sutherlandii 
Erigeron karvinskianus: Santa Barbara daisy
Gaillardia, blanket flower: Arizona red, Mesa red, yellow, peach, bicolor
Gaura, wand flower: Sparkle white
Gypsophlia: Pacifica pink, Double snowflake white
Heuchera, coral bells: Palace purple, Melting fire, Firefly, Fairy dust, Midnight rose, Dale’s strain.
Iberis, candytuft: Tahoe
Kniphofia, hot poker plant: Flamenco, Border ballet 
Lamiastrum, yellow archangel: Herman’s pride
Lavender, lavender: Munstead
Lavatera: Hot lips
Leucanthemum, Shasta daisy: Madonna, Polaris, White lion.
Lobelia, cardinal flower: Starship series in blue, burgundy, rose, scarlet
Lupinus, lupine: Russell series mix, Lupini series in blue, pink, red and yellow
Malva, Mallow: Mystic merlin
Monarda, bee balm: Bergamo, Didyma, Panorama red shades
Myosotis, forget me nots: Bobo blue
Papaver, poppy: Orientals pizzicato, Plena red shades, Victoria Louise, Rupifragum tangerine gem
Penstemon: Husker red
Primula, cowslip: Crescendo series, Polyantha, Pubescens, Vulgaris
Ranunculus, cabbage rose
Sagina, Irish moss
Salvia, sage: Argenta, nemorosa May night’s, Caradona
Scabiosa, pin cushion flower: Pin cushion blue, Japonica pink diamonds
Silene, moss campion
Stachys, lamb’s ear
Verbascum, mullein: Violetta, Southern charm
Veronica, Speedwell: Spicata, red fox

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