Tiny Radicals & Thanksgiving

Greetings Gardening Friends,

Another week has passed in beautiful southern West Virginia. I planned to blog more often but life seems to get in the way of plans. 😉

None the less I was able to get a fair amount of sowing accomplished. It’s exciting to find signs of sprouting in the first round of sowing. Tiny radicals are beginning to emerge from the seed coats on the primrose and a few of the columbine. It will be at least a week before any are large enough to transplant which give ME time to roast a turkey and make some pies! 

With a bit of help from my partner in plant planning I managed to get two more rounds of sowing this past week.  There are a lot of new offerings in these sowing as most are varieties I have never attempted from seed.

So, in no particular order…here we go!

Helleborus (This is a long shot. The germination time for this crop can be 20 WEEKS! )Lewisa 

Geranium pratense ( another new offering)

Geranium macrorrhizum 

Geranium bohemicum


Echeveria Urban orange and Urban yellow (these are not hardy in our zone but they will make nice house plants)

Alchemilla mollis 

Potentilla Melton Fire

Potentilla Gibsons scarlet

Potentilla Starlit scarlet

Geum Sunrise

Geum Koi.           (Tried these last year!)

Geum Red Dragon 

Cerastiun Snow in Summer

Chrysanthemum Autumn Glory 

Alyssum wulfenianum 

Artemisia frigida

Achillea Summer Pastel

Achillea Marshmallow 

Dianthus arenarius

Iris versicolor ( new to us!!)

Iris pseudacorus 

Iris sibericus

Armeria m. splendors Laucheana

Chelone lyonii Hot Lips

Chelone lyonii Pink Temptation

     and last…..

Kniphofia Traffic Light, Fire dance and Flamenco

So there it is! 

Another week in paradise and looking forward to the beautiful week ahead. 

Stay safe, stay kind.

Mom and Pop

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