We want to share this important story/message as time to clean our yards is fast approaching.

We want you to be safe and well! 💚

“The RV resort that we have been at the past week has a neighborhood bordering it, they were cutting down trees, sharing this wood with some of us at the resort.

On Thursday they were burning the debris left over and we had a beautiful fire that same night. On Friday my daughter (10) started with red blotches on her face, I sent pictures to my pediatrician and she thought she was having an allergic reaction to something and prescribed benedryl.

Well we woke up this morning and I about passed out….

We rushed to the urgent care to discover she was having a severe contact dermatitis reaction.
After discussing everything with the doctor and trying to figure out what was different, I happened to mention that we are full timers in our bus and immediately he asked about anyone burning fresh cut wood.

Apparently, burning fresh wood that could have had any type of poison vines (oak, ivy, sumac) on them is more dangerous than saying rolling in it.
Thank God, we caught it and went to urgent care before we had another “fresh wood” fire tonight the possibly of her going into anaphylactic shock.
After a dose of steroids she is a little better.

I hope this helps educate the ones who didn’t know this.

Even if you are not allergic to poison ivy, burning fresh wood can cause serious lung issues as well.”

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